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    Lao Lee wrote:
    <p>It is obvious to see that everybody is unique because of the differences vary &nbsp;from.one to another.&nbsp;Clearly, the reason is related to the following parts of people:the need, the ambition, the impulse and the expectation. Then, it&rsquo;s pretty clear to see that why some guys support some idea while others disagree; why some great people are considered to be born great governers while some people are fated to be the conformers;why some men are gifted in science while some women are talented in art.</p> <p>Actually, the lifestyle determines a lot. The following 9 different lifestyles are the typical and major 9 kinds of Americans with statistics.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Type 1: THE GOU</p> <p>There are 6000&nbsp;thousand of the kind of people in the US. The kind of&nbsp; people are featured with&nbsp; extremely poverty. They are inclined to be deperated, depressed, doubtful and cowered. They are dissatisfied with the situation they are in and&nbsp;are strongly protest against the conservatism. The most of them are under poor education, stuck in the illness or with old age. Among all the Americans, they believe the world is changing rapidly from second to second.</p> <p>Type 2:THE SUSTAINER</p> <p>There are 11,000&nbsp;thousand of the kind of people in the US. These people have the intention to be raged, rebellion and suspicious. They are&nbsp;regressive and they &nbsp;love fighting without considering any consequence of their behaviours. Unlike&nbsp; THE GOUS, they still have their hopes and try to make the progress in their finance. However, quite a number of people still survive against poverty and usually participate in the underground economic activities, such like the smuggling and drug dealing.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>TYPE 3: THE AFFIILIATED</p> <p>The kind of people make up the biggest part of all of the kinds, with the number of around 60,000.&nbsp;They are always considered to be&nbsp;the middle class.&nbsp;They are traditional, consistent, conservative, moral, unexperienced and family oriented and patriotic&ndash;the group&nbsp;of people with the lifestyle of the ancient values. The major impulse of them is to adjust but not to express.</p> <p>TYPE 4: THE COMPETITORS</p> <p>The kind of people are full of the competitiveness, ambition, push and flamboyant style. They make effort to pursue the things they want and are&nbsp;quite&nbsp;successful. They have more desires and needs than the affiliated people do. Around 13,000 thousand of Americans are concluded in the group. They belong to the trasitional group started from the confident affiliated people and are ready to go ahead to be the successful people.</p> <p>TYPE 5 :THE WINNERS</p> <p>There are around 35,000 people in the group. They are reallt on the peak in their career.They establish the &ldquo;system&rdquo; and are still holding the heading.This a group which has already made sure of the specific goals of their lifestyle. They are talented, hard working, independent, successful in their careers and happy with their life. The winners quite steadily favor the consevatism and protest agains the greatly sharpe changes in the politics and in the society.</p> <p>TYPE 6: THE EGOS</p> <p>This is the group of&nbsp; the lifestyle with the youngest values in America.(the average age of the people in the gr

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