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  • Jyj
    Jyj wrote:

    couldn't figure it out with my ex..

    how do u know? any special way or it often can be both?

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    Hahahahaha ... I am sure I will be corrected in a huge way ...

    To me,"obssesion" is that you think about someone or something 24 hours a day, and then maybe action on it, including phone tracking and stalking ... versus, "like" is a bit more mild, with less of the craziness, you might still phone track a little bit, but probably not stalking ... something like that ...heehee ...

  • №❶ Passioη

    If you can't stop staring at him whenever you see him, that's a Cush

    If you kiss his pic on your screen whenever you're alone, that's Infatuation

    If you get to hug your pillow at night when you think of him, that's Lust 

    BUT if it gets wet whenever / where ever you think of him, that's "Obsession"

    P.S: BTW, ONSs aren't Qualified to be called "ex", just FYI. Remember that

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    Hahahaha 。。。 and my guess is that you sometimes would wonder, if he might be thinking about you too, even if only a little bit right? ... then, in this case, I would just call it a crush or "like" ... still far from "obssession" ...

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    Hahahahaha ... in that case, I would call it a little misunderstanding ... get your phone recharged ASAP, and then call him to sort this out ...

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