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  • Cice Liao
    Cice Liao wrote:

    The Flora Aromatic Colleges flagship store, SUMMIT SPA, is the first domestic spa club to have the backing of a professional college, that practices aroma therapy, oil massage and many more traditional natural therapy styles, that include the latest in traditional oriental and western aromatic therapy concepts中国大陆境内唯一有专业学院做技术后盾的SPA会所。实践芳香疗法,精油按摩等传统自然疗法,融合东方传统与西方最新芳疗理念。All the aromatherapy masters get the Floral college professional training, and the national specialists committee adheres to strict approval by achieving the national qualification of authenticity所有芳疗师都经过芙洛娜芳香学院的系统培训,国家职业技能鉴定所的严格考核,最终获得国家职业资格认证。

    Summit combo series云上套餐系列
    Summit Five aggregates云上五蕴
    Summit Classic云上经典
    Summit Pleasure云上尊享
    Summit Wander云端漫步
    Summit Replenishment云上养生

    Summit Aromatherapy massage series云上芳香按摩系列
    Single meridian essential oil massage 经络精油按摩
    hot rock essential orl massage 热石精油按摩
    body slimming essential oil massage 纤体精油按摩
    indian royal essential oil massage印度皇家精油按摩
    Body & Mind Soothing Essential Oil Massage舒身减压精油按摩
    Swedish Essential Oil Massage 瑞典精油按摩
    Breast Wellness Essential Oil Series胸部保健精油系列
    Ovarian Wellness Essential Oil Series卵巢保养精油系列
    Supplementing Original body build up Essential Oil Series培元固本精油系列
    Hip Treatment臀部疗法
    Tai-qi Abdominal Treatment太极腹部疗法
    Ear Aromatherapy Treatment芳香耳部疗法
    Neck-Shoulder Essential Oil Massage颈肩精油按摩
    Lumbar Essential Oil Massage腰背精油按摩
    Limbs Essential Oil Massage四肢精油按摩

    Summit massage series云上按摩系列
    traditonal chinese medical massage特色中药按摩
    shiatsu massage日式指压按摩
    head&feet wellness massage首足保健
    personalized TCM massage中医局部按摩

    Summit caring series云上SPA护理系列
    summit exfoliating secret recipe秘方去角质
    energy jade scurb能量玉石按摩
    aromatherapy meridian scraping芳香经络刮痧
    aromatherapy cupping芳香拔罐 走罐
    Milk-Almond Exfoliating牛奶杏仁去角质

    Summit Bath series云上泡浴系列
    flower extract bath群芳髓精华浴
    milk-petal bath牛奶花瓣浴
    rose essential oil&petal bath玫瑰精油花瓣浴
    sandalwood &rose essential oil massage檀香玫瑰精油浴
    True Lavender Bath真正薰衣草浴

    Summit Package Series云上礼盒系列
    Summit Five Aggregates五蕴养生
    Ovarian Wellness卵巢保养
    Supplementing Original body build up培元固本
    Breast Wellness胸部保健
    Menopause conditioning更年期调理
    Home Package居家礼盒
    Luxury Gift Box豪华礼盒

  • Cice Liao
    Cice Liao wrote:

    Located in the Lufthansa Business Center, the twenty-first Century Hotel Beijing. Adjacent to the third embassy area. United States and Japan Embassy visa hall is near by; it is only 5 minutes from the CBD Central Business Circle by car. It has a good geography location with convenient transportation. The interior is designed with Southeast Asia classic style, which is exotic, elegant and magnificent

    Add:1sr floor,the 21st century hotel,liangmaqiao rd,chaoyang district,beijing 朝阳区亮马桥路21世纪饭店一层010-64682112

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