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  • charmycoal
    charmycoal wrote:
    <p>If ever you're near Solana you must check this place out. They advertise 60 rmb all you can drink and my friend and I just had to venture in out of curiosity to see what the catch is. Turned out there's no catch. The place is run by a nice Canadian guy and it's as he advertises and even includes mixed drinks. Played pool and stumbled out of there at 3 am totally sloshed. The place is called bad influence which I found peculiar but couldn't agree more the next morning!</p>
  • 随便叫兽
    随便叫兽 wrote:

    That is a motherfucking crime against humanity.

    It has to be a front for a bunch of AA cryptomissionaries to recruit down-and-out expats into a Fifth Column of Born Again Xtianists. Jesus Fucking Christ is coming to China and neglecting to mention in His visa application that He's got priors in Minnesota for drunk driving.

  • Christian Hansen

    Sounds like a boring place, with the same money and Juicy card you get 1000% more fun and the same quantity of alcohol in your veins just a few blocks south @ Juicy Spot

  • Simen Wangberg

    Is this really going to turn into a thing? Turn it into a thing. Anyway, I've never found a good reason to go to Solana, and this bar doesn't change that. Also, I've never heard "1000% fun" and "Juicy Spot" mentioned in the same breath before, but oh well. Ummm. I will go there if Jesus is really going to appear though.

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