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    老男孩Oldboys wrote:
    <p><span style="color: #0000ff;"><strong>Dear friends Hello everybody.</strong></span><br /><span style="color: #0000ff;"><strong>We are specialized in travel services for foreigners.</strong></span><br /><span style="color: #0000ff;"><strong>Recently Featured Travel Tibet travel routes.</strong></span><br /><span style="color: #0000ff;"><strong>We have branch offices in Tibet.</strong></span><br /><span style="color: #0000ff;"><strong>so,we can provide better travel services.</strong></span><br /><span style="color: #0000ff;"><strong>Our company has 10 years of tour experience.</strong></span><br /><span style="color: #0000ff;"><strong>We seal the deal, including the Tibet visa, English tour guide, transportation, accommodation, attractions, etc.</strong></span><br /><span style="color: #0000ff;"><strong>And the price is very cheap, 2 or more people into the group can proceed to Tibet.</strong></span><br /><br /><span style="color: #0000ff;"><strong>our company in the houhai.welcome to visit.</strong></span><br /><br /><span style="color: #ff0000;"><strong>Contact:<a href="mailto:hapame2010@sina.cn">hapame2010@sina.cn</a>&nbsp; 15801613892</strong></span><br /><span style="color: #ff0000;"><strong>my name:take </strong></span></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
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    "very cheap" = how much?

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