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  • Dara
    Dara wrote:

    I always thought China is the most productive country , but like other people said, they don't really care about the quality of the products. And some of my french friends said France is more productive for their efficiency, the work for the least hours and guarantee the quality.  some people hold other ideas. So hope this thread is not too stupid, but i really need some A: s.

  • Simon Frederic

    Vietnam and India since you can start working when you are 8 in a nike shoe factory

  • Ejdnzlaj
    Ejdnzlaj wrote:

    China is still pretty poor. Not as poor as India or Vietnam but I think it's ranks somewhere around 90 in terms of GDP per capita, which is a much better measure of a nations wealth than just raw GDP.

    Anyway, China probably is the most productive country in terms of the actual physical amount of stuff they create, then again they do have a workforce of over 1 billion so it'd be really suprising if they weren't the ones who made the most stuff.

    Germany will be the most actually poductive country though, in economic terms though. It's population is a fraction of China's and yet China only overtook it last year as the top exporter by value. That's an incredible output per capita. It doesn't matter that China is number one, the fact that Germany is a close number to with only 82m people (that's 16% of China's population) shows that they are something like 6 times as productive as China.

  • Da Fan
    Da Fan wrote:

    Industrial total output: China

    Service output: the US

    Efficiency: maybe Japan

    Quality: Germany? Japan? not so sure


    More things I want to put here are:

    1) low efficiency of Chinese workers is a kind of "intentional". the most important thing for China is to keep millions of unskilled farmer workers have jobs, so that they can buy their living, but not try best to improve efficiency like put more capital and less labor into the output equation. I believe that China can makes at least the same level of total output while leave tens of millions workers jobless, but, you know, how about these workers?

    2) quality of Chinese product: actually China can produce almost everything you can imagine, but people just used to focus on craps you get from Dollar Tree or Walmart, while ignoring tags behind your iPad2 or other stuffs. As I said before, China needs to produce low quality craps to keep tens of millions of workers employed, and it sells those crap successfully: people have choices to buy products with better quality but more expensive, but many just don't want to do so. Demand is always the main driver, not the supply.

  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)


    Hahahahaha ... Lizzie ... just because you a fan of the Italian soccer team ...

    No one mentioned Japan?

  • Olaf G.
    Olaf G. wrote:

    Chinese effeciency is extremly low. For example take a train from Beijing to Baotou or any other places where they dont have D-Trains. Most likely you will go to a ticket vendor where 4 people sit in a shop while only one works. Later you have to show the ticket, then you have to go through a useless security check in which another 5 to 8 people are involved (but since the people behind the screen dont really watch the bags, it does not increase the security at all) then you have to show the ticket later again to 5 other people who also check the tickets: 2. when you enter the plattform 3. when you enter the chariot 4. inside the car, 5. when you exit the rainway station. At the same time you pass along 100 security people and 20 policemen.  Not sure how many people are involved who you dont see. But it takes around 300 people to make it possible that i ride from Beijing to Baotou. If I travel from Bern to Zurich in Switzerland I buy the ticket online or from a vending machine. No ticket controll, no security nonsense, only one or two ticket checker inside the train for the whole train and not 4 per car. So basicly for this train ride it maybe takes 20 people. I think this shows very well the differences in efficiency.

    Another example is the companies i worked in Switzerland and in China. The chinese employee produced in one week less than i produced before in switzerland in one day. No joke! A friend who ran a restaurant said the same: when he had a restaurant in germany he needed one fuwuyuan for 100 table. In China he needs at least five.

    I could continue the exaples. I think the efficiency is generally reflected in GPD. The reason is simple: If you only need five people to produce a product of 100 dollar you can pay them each a ten times higher salary than for the 50 people who produce another product of 100 dollar.

  • K5-35
    K5-35 wrote:

    Americans are the most efficient. 

    Chinese can be either very efficient or insufferably inefficient.

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