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  • Xtreme
    Xtreme wrote:
    <p>Anyone knows a good cattery in Beijing with British Shothairs or Scottish Folds?&nbsp;Preferably blue color and pure-bred ones.</p> <p>Also would like to know what pet markets are worth going to? I have already been to one at Guan Yuan, but didnt have any luck finding other ones.</p>
  • 申琪 Annie Shen

    guan yuan. nearby zi zhu qiao. its a pet market. well if you wanna come leave me a message,i can guide you!

  • Ola Sande
    Ola Sande wrote:

    adopt one!!!!!!

  • 申琪 Annie Shen

    \mink marten sable ermine if this is what you ve asked. then yes,they do sell this kind of animal.n i like it,wanna have one in future

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