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  • SereneT
    SereneT wrote:

    Any suggestions for a current good phone? I'm using SE xperia x10 now and thinking of getting a new one.

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    Hahahahaha ... Samsung? Which model? ... I think it is a fair bit outside my budget ... by the way, my K-Touch runs on Windows 6.5 ...

  • Sylvia Zhang
    Sylvia Zhang wrote:


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    Hahahahaha ... the definition of slick and brick kind of depends on the person, right? ... A friend of mine uses Lenovo LePhone, which runs on Android ... but, I think all smart phones are too much alike these days ...

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    Hahahahaha ... it is like, who has better jeans ... Levis Vs Lee Vs Wrangler (jeans, not Jeep) Vs Apple (jeans, not computer) ... everyone has different opinion ...

    ... or like walking into Zhong Guan Cun or any phone shop ...

    How much longer can you wait? The longer you wait, the more new models there are, and the more confusing it is, but it will all get cheaper ...

    I suggest ... narrow it down by features (must-have versus nice-to-have) and then you might bring the list down to only a few? heehee ...


  • Kent Løset
    Kent Løset wrote:
  • Tina
    Tina's猫 wrote:

    this is helpful,i'm considering buying a new phone and kind of heading to the popular iphone tide,but i do realized several colleagues are using htc,and so far,i see many ppl use it

  • Xiao
    Xiao wrote:

    I love your new photo Serena!!!! Very creative.

  • Joakim Lund Rangel

    In any discussion or so called reviews the Iphone comes out as the winner on Ease of Use, which is a big bag of bullSh**.

    Just how easily Iphone Fashion accessory buyers get impressed when finding that downloading the calculator or that Flash light app "just works" implices that the last phone they had before the Iphone was something like a Nokia 3210 from the early century.

    The simplicity of Iphone is a joke and it seem to be on the expence of terrible multitasking and limited possiblities for running apps in the background.

    You wanna listen to spotify music while texting a message, send a email, update your calendar or play with that calculator you just downloaded? Sorry, not possible. Is that Easy to use?

    If the cost of an Iphone were less than half of it`s price I would say that this is a alright phone, but still not as good as almost any much cheaper phone with Android OS.

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    Hahahahaha ... poor Serene's thread has been robbed to become a iPhone bashing discussion ...

    I can't afford Levis, and definitely not LV nor Gucci etc, and I dont think much of these brands, however, there are many people who bought them ONLY because of the name 。。。

  • Chenyang
    Chenyang wrote:

    I have tested nokia phones before,

    frankly speaking, they are just a piece of shit haha xD

    Symbian OS won't last longer, we can keep an eye on that.

    As i work at China Mobile right now, i've seen quite a lot of clients asking us to cut their SIM card which is suitable for their iPhone4. As they said, iPhone4 is not as perfect as it is supposed to be, although it does look good.

    Now I have to say, I love my HTC mobile!

  • Jamie Wen
    Jamie Wen wrote:

    Some problem with my brand new HTC Desire HD. It can't be connected to Wandoujia. Someone can help?

  • Jamie Wen
  • Kent Løset
  • Kent Løset
  • Fifi
  • Stevie Wonder
    Stevie Wonder wrote:

    god,its like everybody is begging serena to buy a phone.u can get any phone ur wallet allows u to get the question is what do u want the phone to be able to do for u?cos it seems like u are looking for a phone that hasn't come into the world of technology yet.if u got complaint with all the available phones in the market then dont buy any phone at all.

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    Hahahahaha ... this is when it feels a need to give the moderator to end this discussion, i.e. delete or lock this thread ...

    ... or perhaps, set an "expiry date" ...

  • Alice
    Alice wrote:

    So far LG Optimus 2X.

    Or if you can wait, LG Optimus 3D which is comeing out soon, also 1GHz Dual CPU Dual Channel with real 3D! without glasses and 4.3" + dual 5 Cam..aw,,,,,,,awesome!

    HTC,,, ive tried Desire, more than 5000 RMB which was not worth it. and the LCD was very disappointing, it built a good SP image but now lots of better choices available..

    Nokia...oh please...

    Samsung- nice, good cost performance,

    Iphone-if u want to follow the crowd and pay higher than its actual value then yes.

  • KIANU.Lee
    KIANU.Lee wrote:

    absolutely GALAXY S/// perfect.. +_+

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