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  • Estella
    Estella wrote:
    <p>We are looking for an female English tutor who is better to be a native English speaker from North America. If you are&nbsp;an international student in&nbsp;your twenties, this could be a nice part-time oppertunity.</p> <p>Detailed information for the job:</p> <p>Time: one or two days at every weekend, two or three hours&nbsp;each day;</p> <p>Pay: 100 RMB each hour</p> <p>Job location: in their house which is near to the subway station "Bei yuan bei lu" (北苑北路) on line 5 or at the park;</p> <p>Job content: to accompany a girl and teach her some simple English. You do not have to prepare any special learning material.</p> <p>If you are interested in this oppertunity or if you have any questions about this ad, please do not hesitate to send e-mails to <a href="mailto:xxjiang2008@yahoo.cn">xxjiang2008@yahoo.cn</a> or <a href="mailto:estella.jiang@gmail.com">estella.jiang@gmail.com</a>&nbsp;</p>
  • Minger
    Minger wrote:

    I am also looking for a female student in her 20's from North America for some "part-time tutoring"...

    I'm getting bored of trolling these threads though.

  • Mading
    Mading wrote:

    What I think Godfather mean is...You have 偏见! This "Ad" is full of crap...discrimination and prejudices...what makes u think an North-American girl in her mid 20's to be the most appropriate candidate for this? Maybe u hurt Godfather's feelings by not giving him a chance to be the nanny? His entire life maybe is to be an English teacher that teaches out NOTHING? just accompany a little Chinese girl...

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