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  • Masse
    Masse wrote:
    <p>Hi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone knows where i can get a bike? like a scooter not to small but not to big either.. anyway i have no idea where i can get one or how much they cost,</p> <p>also i would like to know how the scooter traffic is here? back in sweden we can rider our scooters wherever we want, so i was wondering how the rules are here in Beijiing and if its diffecult for a westerner to ride one here in beijing..</p> <p>And whats best a battery driven one or gas? (hopefully its not to much of a hassle to fill it with gas even tho i know no chinese at all)</p> <p>note that i&acute;ve never actully had a scooter nor have I ever been able to drive one, but I mean how hard can i be? anyway love to hear from people here..</p>

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