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  • Liz
    Liz wrote:
    <p>Like what I wrote in the title. I forgot the name of a song, but I really miss it. It was sang by a boy/man. And I remembered there's a lyric like 'I have a fat lousy cat' and he sang of himself too, like he's a *** boy..Since I forgot, so leave out it with ***... It's very soft and slow music. I guess it's country style. Do anyone know the name of that song?</p>
  • Iain Bonner
    Iain Bonner wrote:

    this is a bit too difficult for me. i think you can google it. 

    btw, what's an a***boy? 

  • Sylvia Zhang
    Sylvia Zhang wrote:

    google..babe..google it

  • Iain Bonner
    Iain Bonner wrote:

    a wet boy... interesting 

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