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  • 康文涵
    康文涵 wrote:

    BJ artists,

    a geek is asking for yr help!

    Been to 798 recently and saw a lot of small and big statues with open mouth, shut eyes and face towards sky.

    whats the meaning of that? are they singing? are they waiting for the rain? nor google nor wikipedia could answer my question... wuwu

  • Amalie Sæverud

    check this dear!


    Do you mean a man look like this?


    Yue Minjun (Chinese:岳敏君, born 1962, Heilongjiang Province, China) is a contemporary Chinese artist based in Beijing, China. He is best known for oil paintings depicting himself in various settings, frozen in laughter. He has also reproduced this signature image in sculpture, watercolor and prints. While Yue is often classified as part of the Chinese "Cynical Realist" movement in art developed in China since 1989, Yue himself rejects this label, while at the same time "doesn't concern himself about what people call him.

    Contemporary art are shitty after camera has been invented.

    Contemporary dance btw is awesome! :)

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