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  • Mike Lui
    Mike Lui wrote:
    <p>hey guys! i have a large 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment complete with the ff:</p> <p>kitchen</p> <p>living room</p> <p>tv</p> <p>bathtub</p> <p>couch</p> <p>heating and AC</p> <p>closets</p> <p>its near BLCU! its 4500RMB/month for the whole flat but we can share it 50/50 or depends on our negotiation</p> <p>I prefer a neat and organized person but also someone who is game for parties and is not too conservative. I'm a 21 year old male studying in BLCU.</p>
  • Ayse Ren
    Ayse Ren wrote:
    maybe you can publish your ad in the school,like print your ad and put it on the bulletin board in the main building or the teaching buildings... ...i am a chinese student from BLCU..

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