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  • Nicole
    Nicole wrote:
    <p>If we were&nbsp; going to die tonight , If&nbsp; today is our last day , what would&nbsp; we talk about&nbsp; ? waht do you want to do&nbsp; ?</p>
  • Sab
    Sab wrote:

    I wildly fucking everynight, means I am ready for die every day? lol

    I would stop fuckin if I would be sure there are no more days. And try do something else, for change.

  • Cassie
    Cassie wrote:
    e.....I will tell to someone that i love him and come back beside my mother .
  • Martin Svean
    Martin Svean wrote:

    last night on earth? well thats easy

    party and go play a show with my friends at 13 club and play slayer as loud as phucking possible

  • Pavoir Sponse
    Pavoir Sponse wrote:

    ...start work on that novel I have always been meaning to write

  • Tina
    Tina's猫 wrote:

    i would finally stop being a coward and take the courage to tell my ex-bf:let's go back!

  • Bobo
    Bobo wrote:

    last night ? hun maybe i would like hold his hands and enjoy the dinner on the lawn

    See how nice the sky during the night ...

  • Bobo
    Bobo wrote:

    hehe then no pain even you die hiih good idea ^^

    or better take some sleeping pills hihi

    just joking

  • Bobo
    Bobo wrote:

    hehe good business about refined corpse haha kidding

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