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  • 傅锐
    傅锐 wrote:

    Hey there,

    by the end of next week I have to find a new office and an apartment here in BJ. So far I have been living on Datunlu in Beichen, which is alright, but a bit boring.

    I need to find a small office (around 80 m2) and a small apartment right next to it, maybe even in the same building because I am lazy and don't wanna walk a lot to work :P

    Where would you go?

    Total budget is around 16.000 RMB a month, so not a whole lot but should be enough for most areas.

    So far I have been looking at Beijing Inn which is alright, but not really centrally located. Ideally I would have good public transportation for the other employees, lots of restaurants, bars, a gym, that stuff.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks so much!


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