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  • Bob Duan
    Bob Duan wrote:
    <p>Some scientists stress that most&nbsp;chinese schools have boys and girls in the same classroom. If a public high school in the surburb, rural area of&nbsp; Beijing offers a&nbsp;new program. Top students in&nbsp;any grades can attend single-sex classes for English, geography, biology, chinese history and social studies.</p> <p>&nbsp;The aim is to focus their mind on their work by keeping males and females. What they want to do is taking them to the high level that they can achieve here. Therefore, they've prepared for college.</p> <p>&nbsp;One day, the students&nbsp;will be&nbsp;working in small groups.&nbsp;Males and&nbsp;females can&nbsp;explain why they are drawing pictures that relate to the story-childhood stories~~buzz~~ remind them of precious memories.</p> <p>&nbsp;A student&nbsp;is drawning a story where he was in the carriage.He says:it gets you to visualize the setting of the story and gets you to think more about what's going on in the story, the important events of the story. This is quite funny instead of doing work on the sheet..</p> <p>No matter who u r, no matter where u r,looking for a gf is a chanllenge to boys,especially those who are single. Female is a kind of tame animal. Boys and girls are in the same class, having a postitive effect.. If single-sex class to students, boys don't ve any opportunities to look for...</p>

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