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  • Bob Duan
    Bob Duan wrote:
    <p>society is a kind of video games. it consists of love and violence. how to keep up love to the society, and how to overcome any violence to the society. once a person asked jet li what plus one plus one plus one equal? seems to be a top question. in jet's opinion,the answer is not three but one yuan, one love and one global family.every man and woman have their responsibilities to service for society like the poor,the disabled etc.so paying back has its powerful magetic.In the downtown,there are few people that can not return to celebrate the spring festival with family.given cold by the weather, they felt very homesick. they wanna go home but they ve duties on working~ administrating and control material safety during the spring festival. they not only contribute their time to the nation, but makes contribution to the society- a safe society. victim themselves,and make a clear air to society..</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

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