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  • Metu
    Metu wrote:
    <p>my routine is</p> <p>monday, hanging pike, 10, 2 sets. hanging leg raise, 20, 3 sets. crunch 25, 2 sets.</p> <p>tuesday, crunch 25, 3 sets. reverse crunch 20, 3 sets. oblique crunch 30, 2 sets.</p> <p>wednsday, decline crunch 25 with 10 kg barbell plate 2 sets, side bridge with 10 kg barbell plate 5 sets for each side.</p> <p>thursday, cable crunch 30, 3 sets each at 100, 110, 130 kg plate. leg pull in 25, 3 sets</p> <p>friday, concentrate on lower abs and obliques</p> <p>saturday, off</p> <p>sunday,off</p> <p>anybody has some better ideas for better exececise for abs?specially lower abs and obliques.</p> <p>ps: i run 5k twice a week, 10k once a week at a moderate speed. (8.5-9k/hour)</p>
  • Ejdnzlaj
    Ejdnzlaj wrote:

    It takes a HUGE amount of meat to get yourself a high protein diet on the go. Definitely not impossible though. Protein shakes are a much easier (and cheaper) way to add an extra 100 - 200 grams to your daily intake. For example, I think a chicken breast is only abour 50% protein. Beef and lamb are higher, and fish tends to be even more so (salmon is around 90%).

    Also, 6 pack abs require under 10% body fat, but it's usually around 8% for most people. You're actually more likely to make progress with doing more intensive cardio and being more restrictive with your nuitrition. Cable crunches and leg pulls will give you stronger abs, but cardio will let you show those abs off.

    Also, this is probably a decent time to ask: Anyone know any good gyms around Deng Shi Kou? Cheap and cheerful. I don't need personal trainers or flashy equipment. A dank room with some treadmills and free weights is all I require.

  • Minger
    Minger wrote:

    Fuck a lot.

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