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  • Judy
    Judy wrote:
    what should I do? feel penic now. Older and older,,, Harder and harder to find Love. where do you find your love? where we can meet more single people? confused...
  • Ms. Stephanie
    Ms. Stephanie wrote:

    poor Judy...

    sorry to hear that..

    but we all the same.. be optimistic


  • Judy
    Judy wrote:
    thank you Stephanie. Just feel disppointed. I loved somebody with my heart, then found he never care. That is really sad.
  • Morten Eriksen
    keep trying, good luck
  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)


    Hahahaha ... I have always wondered about one thing ... what does it mean or feel to fall in love? Why is everyone think that it is important to fall in love? I cannot say if I have ever or never fallen in love before, but I dont remember if I have ever had any strong desire to fall in love ...

    I am just curious ...

  • Yueqiang
    Yueqiang wrote:

    because we are stranger who live in beijing. so we need more frds, and u will find the person who can live with u all life.  most of my classmate are marred, because they live in hometown and know each other long time.

  • High Priest
    High Priest wrote:

    I've heard people talking about falling in love to Mr Right, I've heard people talking about love at fiirst sight .. all these are bullshits.

    If u really want to meet someone to love, don't go at Mr Right, he died already. Someone looking for Mr right is making date with disappointment. No one is right here on earth.

    Love at first sight. ha ha, bullshit. Love growths, love isn't instant. The instant love is mere lust. Lust = feeling, feeling comes and go. Once u love someone just because of feeling, once it's gone, what was called love is gone too. But Love, doesn't just pay attention on feeling alone.

    What I can admonish, remove the idealistic man u've got in mind, tall, handsome, rich, strong (in bed and in the street) but, look for someone who can stand by you, who is responsible, who keeps his promises.

    For further information, u can attend the seminar I'm organizing soon.

    High Priest__Women Advocate

  • High Priest
    High Priest wrote:

    Jia you Sibyl, thanks. Good we share the same ideology:) Cheers!

  • Amalie Sæverud

    try sperm bank!

  • kö
    if i cant find `````i dont kown ``many People got this Problem,not just you and me ,if really cant find i think i will ```humm````sleep more better dont think too much ,coz thats no sense......
  • Simen Stensvoll


    love is everywhere as long as u r loving people

  • Saint - Spartacus

    Mr right never exist, u have to go ahead and be brave to show your heart , tell the one who you want to be with , even it doesn't work, just try ...

    and 30 still a young lady , there are so many people do not merried in the right time and finished there relationship after 8 or 9 years, so you still have chances with those person who broken up , ^^

    ps : europeen panic for marriage so maybe you'd better try a chinese at first or an europeen who formed as a chinese , then you will less low ... lol

    at the end, A-ZA A-ZA fighting : )

  • Nayila
    Nayila wrote:

    hahahaha...so funny.... I like the way Shadow talks,


    Hey,I'm a hot chick and I'm single!!!!


    hahahhahaha....hahahaha...... ><   good luck for all of u guys and for myself.... =)

  • Judy
    Judy wrote:
    well, Thanks! I seldom talk here, sorry i dont know there were another similiar topic already. I was looking for a roommate, passying by here, and, saw this column,so, just tried to release my mood. I am okay now. Especially to thank Dan, wrote a lot from Iphone, that is not easy. haha.
  • Fabian Kollen
    Fabian Kollen wrote:

    @Judy: pay attention, Godfather could be ur dish, try it, good luck.

  • Judy
    Judy wrote:
    Thanks Stanley and Ella. I will try

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