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  • Ole-Marius
    Ole-Marius wrote:
    <p>Went to my gym today, Oe Gymnasium in Sun City, with cash in my pockets for another 6 months (been working out there for a year now).</p> <p>But what do they tell me? I have to buy for 2 years. The fact that I've supplied them with 4-5 clients trough my friends that I work out with didnt seem to have jack shit to say.</p> <p>Needless to say, I wont sign up for a 2 year deal. A closing of the gym is smelling a long way, so now I'm on the scout for alternatives. So.. does anyone know a decent gym in the sanlitun area with weights, machinese, stationary bikes and threadmills? pool and group exercises not needed.. :)</p> <p>And of course not to pricey.. I paid 800 for 6 months at the gym in sun city.</p> <p>Thanks for any advices :)</p>
  • Minger
    Minger wrote:

    Ole, isn't there a Nirvana (wow I forgot the Chinese name already) on the South side of that street?

    I used to go to Oe at 珠江帝景. I paid 1500 for the year, but after going a couple times I got used to coming in through the back door and never showed my card to anyone. I brought friends in with me on several occassions and never got bothered by anyone... Maybe you can get a similar "arrangement" with your gym?

    Or just go in at a different time and talk to a salesperson who's less of a cunt. They all want their commission.

  • Zhao Peng
    Zhao Peng wrote:

    NIvara in Zhao Long hotel.

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