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  • StrawberryIceCream
    StrawberryIceCream wrote:
    <p>In the summer of 2010(around the time of FIFA 2010), I went to propoganda once and I saw a handsome long legs man dancing there.</p> <p>He is surrounded by several girls, it seems he is a student studyinng in BLCU and the girls are his classmates. And several black boys surrounded him as well.</p> <p>He dances really charming. I feel though there are a lot of people dancing there and it is really crowded, but he is the light spot of the stage.</p> <p>Is that you?</p>
  • StrawberryIceCream

    I forgot to mention, he is a white young man.

  • kö

    yes is me...in my mom uterus

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