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  • Undermoonlight
    Undermoonlight wrote:
    <p>All the websites offering the actual scenes, which&nbsp; I can search on google,&nbsp; seem to be blocked.&nbsp;Any help?</p> <p>And just feel sad about those low lives in charge of the state business in China--they think that keeping the people (including themselves)ignorant is key to the stability of the country--But the problem is: how can they enjoy stability when the whole country is enslaved by foreign powers, which certainly,&nbsp;result from the ignorance that they&nbsp; impose on the people (including themselves)...</p> <p>They think that by alienating the facts that look contradict to their doctrines and keeping the people misinformed, they can easily control and manipulate the entire country--But the problem is: how long can it last?</p> <p>&nbsp;...</p>
  • Minger
    Minger wrote:

    The country is enslaved by foreign powers? And here we thought we were all envlaved to China.

    It was a good speach, I thought. I don't know why it would be blocked. You think because Obama didn't declare intent to invade China? The party can't have us forgetting that Americans and Japanese are the enemies  now can they?

  • Undermoonlight

    Note: I'm not a dissenter of the current Chinese government, and the top leaders of the government in this country actually hate this kind of "operations" that cause nothing but outrage towards the government~~it is just a sort of habituality of those narrow-minded, tremulous civil servants...So, just freely express your views on this matter, no need to be afraid~~~

  • Undermoonlight

    Moming's response offers a good example of the disparity of the Amrican social system and the Chinese social system: the success of the Ameircan one lies in that it still makes most of its people believe that there are truth and justice to be found and established, while most of the Chinese pople have already lost their faith in those ideal "luxuries"...

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