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  • Naomi Ryuu
    Naomi Ryuu wrote:
    <p>i was tryin to figure it out,but i couldnt...i lost many points in this sentence.</p> <p>1.couple means they have physical &amp; emotional contacts(also its said they had sexes and got part in each other social activities&nbsp;or might be live together)..however. in fact they didnt have a relationship..which means they could have one with others..in this case..how could be they looked as a couple??did this conflict?</p> <p>2..if they flattered one another for they didnt even know how the other feels about?how long did they need to figure it out? to me..i think 1 month its enough..(attractive_conversation_interested_more conversation_like_then i can spit it out...)..i think its kinda waste of time&nbsp;for 2 single person who like each other..and take long time to think about it ..take the shot ,it works or wat,im totally fine with it .</p> <p>3.or just ''one way street''</p> <p>4.they were engaged ..which means they were not gf/bf which they were not</p> <p>5,more over on that&nbsp;they were married ...:)</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>anyway ..even if u didnt work out before..hope one day u will..</p>

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