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  • Masse
    Masse wrote:
    <p>Hi there! dose anyone know where i can get a small kitten?</p> <p>like anyone knows 1 that needs to be adopted?&nbsp;</p> <p>I have 1 kitten already his 3 months now and gets really bored when im not home so i thought i would get him a playing partner...&nbsp;</p>
  • Felicia
    Felicia wrote:
    "Dusty" is 2-3 years old, flea-free, spayed, vaccinated, de-wormed, litter box-trained, gentle, quiet, and loves to cuddle. She's been professionally groomed and has all her medical records (courtesy of Doctors Beck and Stone, who have given her a clean bill of health). Dusty's foster mom saved her life a few weeks ago when the university Dusty was living at threatened to "remove" her (she kept sneaking into the dorms, desperately hoping someone would take her in). Now all she needs is a permanent, loving, indoor home. http://rindathesaintthoughts.weebly.com/dusty-page-one.html And here is her ad at the Beijinger... http://www.thebeijinger.com/classifieds/2011/01/28/Updated-DUSTY-the-cat-wants-to-be-your-baby-and-has-a-WEBSITE reply to me here..or Ranya at 158.105.63429 Email: rinda_thesaint@hotmail.com
  • Simen Stensvoll

    im a small kitten,i need to be adopted badly

  • Person
    Person wrote:

    get a dog, puppies and kittens really get along with each other, u'd be amazed how they grow up with each other , they can be very good friends:) cats are cheeky, dogs are a bit stupid, u need to balance that out.

    if u get another cat, it's like getting 2 girls at once, too much going on, cats are not stupid, he/she wanna the best for him/herself, not for another cat. u don't wanna see two cats get into a fight.... if u wanna get a female cat, more kittens will be on their way~ 

    source: my experience with animals:)

  • Person
    Person wrote:

    btw, get your cat desexed! do they do that in china? i didn't get mine desexed:s

    when he is getting bigger, u don't wanna hear those endless noise he make during his breeding mood. 

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