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  • Me In Beijing 2.0
    Me In Beijing 2.0 wrote:
    <p>I kinda hate this tacky "holidays" but I guess the girl (Chinese) I'm dating with will be very disappointed if we won't do something special. I know that in Asia people love to celebrate all this commercial US invented holidays, so is there some specific Chinese&nbsp;Valentine's&nbsp;tradition?&nbsp;</p>
  • Stephanie Xu
    Stephanie Xu wrote:

    the chinese Balentine's day called "Qi Xi"  it s come from a romantic story .

    and i think we dont do some specific things ,

    just enjoy  with your BF/GF at that day , it is nice enough. i guess

  • Stephanie Xu
    Stephanie Xu wrote:

    it s can not say modern to describe chinese Valentine's 

    no specific gift     flowers  (Roses)  maybe .... 

    you can do what you want  

    no limited

  • Ms. Stephanie
    Ms. Stephanie wrote:

    Option one: book a nice hotel room, small gift, dinner out in a cosy restaurant,make love and cuddle...

    Option two: go to supermarket together, small gift, cook together or you cook for herat home, drink wine with candles, then drunken sex and sleep..

    Roses? No. trouble to carry and price is getting higher now...

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