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  • Andrew
    Andrew wrote:
    <p>Layangpianr.... it's the traditional Chinese art of storytelling, with a portable peephole theater.</p> <p>You pay 10 kuai or so and peer into the box, seeing a series of pictures slide down into view, as the guy sings the story, accompanying himself with little rhythm instruments.</p> <p>I've become fascinated... no, obssessed... with these guys and this artform. I've seen three now, at 3 different miao hui. I even asked them to take me on as an apprentice.</p> <p>Well, my online research has produced very little. I'm looking for more info... and fellow enthusiasts.. if you're out there?</p> <p>A good translation for layangpian(r)? Or ladapian(r)?</p> <p>peephole theater, story teller machine, raree show, peepshows and fiddles, and variants have produced little in online research. I've already got everything I can with the pinyin and hanzi.</p> <p>I'm not sure if I want to practice this artform, or write about it, document it, or what...<img title="Layangpian picture" src="http://tupian.hudong.com/s/拉洋片/xgtupian/1/3" alt="layangpian performer" /></p>

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