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    <p>中国足球队兵败后,&ldquo;强力持久丸&rdquo;厂商找了国家队一名队员L&ldquo;X&rdquo;做了一个广告。情节是:L&ldquo;X&rdquo;左手抱着一个足球,右手指着屏幕说:&ldquo;谁能90多分钟不射,我能!&rdquo;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>After the failure of Chinese soccer team, some anti-impotence drug company L"X" asks a national team player for a commercial favor. the commercial plot is: he holds a ball with his left hand and points to the screen with the right and say: "who can keep themselves from shooting(scoring) for more than 90mins? I can."</p> <p><br />某保险套的厂家看了&ldquo;强力持久丸&ldquo;的广告后,深受启发,于是从国家队里找了一群队员也做了一个广告。画面是:所有队员对着球门狂轰烂炸,广告语:&ldquo;不管射多少次,射不进去就是射不进去!!!"</p> <p>A condom company is greatly inspired, therefore get a team of the national players to make another commercial: all the players madly bombed the net, and ad reads: "no matter how many times, you won't shoot in!"</p> <p><br />生产避孕药的厂家看了以后也想搭乘顺风车,可自己的药怎么着也是给女人用的,这可怎么办呢?!但是经过分析也难不倒他们,经过三天三夜的冥思苦想,终于找到了个办法:让一个在中超吹黑哨的裁判身穿黑衣,哨子一吹,手势一打,傲气凛然的说:&ldquo;不管射进去了多少,统统的不算!&rdquo;</p> <p>a contraceptive medicine company covets taking a chance, but is frustrated, cuz their medicine is for woman. but after analysis they finally figure it out: get a Chinese referee in black &nbsp;with a black whistle in his mouth. let him blow the whistle and make a gesture and disposedly says: "shots won't count no matter what!"</p>
  • Matt
    Matt wrote:

    I think this could help me with my translation skills. nice idea. i'll get more to share!

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