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  • Me In Beijing 2.0
    Me In Beijing 2.0 wrote:
    <p>I heard rumors that everything is closed, from ATMs to supermarkets and restaurants. Can someone confirm it or it is just an urban legend?</p>
  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)


    Hahahaha ... I was not in Beijing last CNY, but the year before ... not everything will be shut down, but most places will be, mostly due to shortage of workers, and I suggest stock up on supplies if possible ...

  • Webslave
    Webslave wrote:

    not sure about ATMs, but many xiao mai bus and restaurants will be closed. And still, i guess there will be enough others available near by. let's hope there still will be enough taxis on the streets when you want to head home at late night hours. in worst case just call 114 and let them give you a phone number where you can call a cab for 3 RMB call fee or so.

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