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  • Hassam
    Hassam wrote:
    <p>Guys As one of my friend said :&nbsp; LOVE IS TEMPORARY MADNESS ..</p> <p>Guys what you feel if your girlfriend say these sentences to u ??</p> <p>girl&nbsp; 11:10:56 AM<br />no ,when i saw it ,i just remember what u said..it has nothing connct directly between what u send to me<br />boy&nbsp; 11:11:27 AM<br />oh..okay i understand'<br />girl&nbsp; 11:12:39 AM<br />so no matter who gonna be my husband,he would get pressure from my request of working hard,but he will never feel frustrated or hurt by my relying on him...cus he can see i tried my best too<br />girl&nbsp; 11:14:14 AM<br />what i m afraid is ,i dont have the lucky to have a husband on this days.....u said it is hard to find a good girl as me.....so u can also understand it is also hard to find a good husband as you in these days<br />girl 11:15:43 AM<br />that is why i would like to hug u more ,kiss you more ,watch you more....i just afraid one day i cant see you or hug you or kiss you like this.....i want to cherish what i have now<br /><br /></p>
  • №❶ Passioη

    she sounds desperate (like in her 30s). what's her name


  • Suleman Ahmed
    Suleman Ahmed wrote:

    haha.. she got a girl name

  • №❶ Passioη

    hehe, the new WLIB editor is total crap.. the link should have taken you here:


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