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  • Ole-Marius
    Ole-Marius wrote:
    <p>Any audiophiles in Beijing? :P</p> <p>I've got some Ultimate Ears in ear monitors with a custom made silver cable. Problem is, the cat is a bit too fond of cables and such, so now the left channel mutes completely or has pretty bad connectivity. The damaged area is on the part of the cable that is not protected by nylon coating, and I've located the exact spot where there's some damage in the plastic coating.. should be an easy job, just cut, get the silver cables put better together and put some coating back on (just guessing here)..</p> <p>So, where can I get someone who can fix this? I know there's DIY guides out there, but getting all the tools needed is gonna take more time and cost more than getting some audio repair guy to do it.</p>

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