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  • Raissa 文丽莎
    Raissa 文丽莎 wrote:
    <p>We are looking for a housemate. The room is situated in a apartment of 2 bedrooms, from which you will live in the biggest room.</p> <p>The room is big (about 28 sqm), clean, it has a double bed inside it, TV, a big closet for clothing, a place to hang up your clothes, a desk, heater and air conditioner.</p> <p>&nbsp;Outside the room there is a dining room with a dining table, a quite big kitchen with 2 cooking pits, a comfortable bathroom with hot water 24/7, a big refrigerator and a washing machine.</p> <p>&nbsp;The apartment is located in a quiet area and everything you need is in walking distance. If you study at Beiyu, it will take about 15 min walking to get there. To get to the supermarket or the Wudaokou subway station it's only around 5-10 min walking. Furthermore all small shops are located around the area too.</p> <p>&nbsp;The rent for the room is 2300 RMB, the duration of the staying will be 1 year, but 6 months may be possible too.</p> <p>&nbsp;If you want to know more info or are interested in the room, please contact us. We're happy to tell you more information or show you the room.</p> <p>&nbsp;We're hoping for a quick reply.<strong></strong></p> <p><strong>&nbsp;出租房</strong><strong>间</strong><strong>,五道口,2000人民</strong><strong>币</strong><strong></strong></p> <p>&nbsp;公寓有2个房间, 你将住的房间是最大的。</p> <p>房间大概28平方米, 里面有个双床、电视、书桌、比较大的壁橱、一个挂衣服的地方、暖气和冷奇迹。</p> <p>&nbsp;除了你住的房间意外,公寓里面还有饭厅、一个比较大的厨房、24/7热水的洗澡间,很大的冰箱和洗衣机。</p> <p>公寓都非常干净。</p> <p>&nbsp;公寓在一个安静的地区,你需要的一切都在公寓附近。在北语上学的话,只走15的路就到了。去超市或者五道口站走路不到5-10分钟就到了。公寓附近还有许多另外的小店。</p> <p>&nbsp;房租每个月2300人民币,合同是1年的,但是6个月也可以。</p> <p>&nbsp;有兴趣的话或者想知道更多的信息,跟我们联系吧。我们很高兴能告诉你别的信息或者给你看房间</p>

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