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  • Ms. Stephanie
    Ms. Stephanie wrote:
    <p>someone told me that "I love you is not because who you are, but who I am when I stay with you. "&nbsp;</p> <p>What makes you love somebody? What makes him/her special?</p>
  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)

    Hahahaha ... to me, it is like the two pieces of a puzzle ... you can "try" to match yourself with whichever piece you like from another set, but you will find that there is only one special piece that can fit you ...
    The "complication" is when you are a piece of a 1000-piece box set ... then you might have a few more pieces that can fit ... heehee ...

  • Ms. Stephanie
    Ms. Stephanie wrote:

    I don't feel like I love someone these days.... 

    I think I lost my love ability somehow....

    Like someone is kinda scary feeling too.... 

    @Bridget, your friend was right. Never give a shit to someone who does not care about you or respect you..   

  • Sally
    Sally wrote:

    Ms.Stephanie,  "love hurt, feelings are  disturbing!" whereas everybody still eager for love, right?

  • Espen Olsvik
    Espen Olsvik wrote:

    right one for me

  • Ms. Stephanie
    Ms. Stephanie wrote:

    @Sally, agree.

    @Bridget, Bedtyger hates me because his anger from his love. lol


  • 随便叫兽
    随便叫兽 wrote:

    Flunitrazepam or rohypnol.

  • Ms. Stephanie
    Ms. Stephanie wrote:

    0__0||||  Oh my dear! Ami good morning....  I'm in "New York" during the weekend.. why? Because night becomes my day and day is night.. lol

  • Ms. Stephanie
  • A豆腐
    A豆腐 wrote:

    My recipe is

    2 cups (15 fl. oz) vitality

    1 soul

    1 female body

    1 teaspoon humor sense

    2 pretty eyes

    1 tablespoon creativity extract

    1 cup (7 oz) sugar

    In a female body, bring the vitality and the soul to a born. Simmer for several years the discard the proud. Set the egoism aside.In the bowl of experience, whisk creativity together with humor sense and 3/4 cup (5 oz) of the sugar until the mixture is creamy. Gradually pour this mixture into the female body with the hapiness, mixing continuously.

  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)


    Hahahaha ...Adolfo ... is that too much sugar? that sounds like a lot of calorie for me ... and my wife does not have pretty eyes, I will need to use two glass-made ones ...

    Spire Arsov ... dont you sleep? And dont forget you "recent" slip up by the way, hahaha ...

    Bridget ... putting all these little bits together, you have got yourself a whole person, hahaha ... by the way, we need to remember that emotion is often irrational, it is the control of emotion that is rational, however, "loving" someone who does not care about you does not need to be such a bad thing, it only becomes a bad thing when it becomes an "obsession" ...

  • Solveig Smørdal Botn
  • Martin Svean
    Martin Svean wrote:


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