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  • Air
    Air wrote:

    Hi,we are a PR agency in BJ and currently need four part-time people who are English speaker,German,French and Italian.

    Job Description:

    1.communicate with your local online media(or local agency),find the contact persons of the media and try to persuede them media to publish our press.

    2.translate the press into your language.


    1.College degree or above

    2.Native language is English,German,French or Italian(speake each of them is OK)

    3.Understanding internet and online communication

    4.Good communication skills,hard working and easy-going

    5.Good Chinese is prefer,media and PR work experience are prefer

    6.Enough time in January and February


    Depends on your work time.If you could work in the company(in Chaoyang district,north third ring)the payment will be RMB300 a day(6 hours).

    Please send your information to air_abc@sina.com ASAP before 16th,Jan.2010.we will reply you soon.

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