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  • Sarita Carreon
    Sarita Carreon wrote:

    Hi! I'm a friend/model of <strong>Manny Librodo</strong>, one of the best portrait photographers in the world. His workshops are always sold out in Asia and other parts of the world. His touch in portrait photography is evident in his students' work. A lot of his students do some repeat workshops because they just couldn't get enough of his techniques.
    His workshops usually last for 2 days: photoshoot with model/s on the first day and post processing on the 2nd day. Most of the recent photos on my online modeling portfolio were influenced by his style: <a href="http://port.saritaonline.com">http://port.saritaonline.com</a>. You can also find his famous work on his <a href="http://www.pbase.com/manny_librodo">PBase site</a> or his<a href="http://www.facebook.com/pages/Manny-Librodo-Photography/103246489709161"> Facebook fan page</a>.
    <a href="http://www.badeedadee.com">My husband</a> and I want to organize a small group of photographers here in Beijing who are eager to attend this workshop. We don't have any date yet as we will still have to do the proposal to him to come to Beijing once we have head count of some interested individuals. If you're interested, please hit me up or send me an email at contact@saritaonline.com.
    Thank you and keep clickin'!
    <a href="http://port.saritaonline.com"><strong><em>Sarita C.</em></strong></a>

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