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  • 阿姆
    阿姆 wrote:

    You can call me whatever, but for some perverted reason I just cannot stop smiling when I read this (emphasize on the word "balls"):

    Ask any oriental person what Chinese therapy balls are and they should know.  They are usually two metal balls which you rotate in the palm of your hand for promote exercise and health.  These Chinese therapy balls have a long history and have been produced for several hundred years. 

    They first started out as solid balls made of iron and were later replaced with hollow metal balls with chiming plates in the center.  However, you can still find balls made of solid metal and stone.

    People call these balls Chinese therapy balls because using them has a beneficial effect on you.  The Chinese believe that rotating the balls in your hand stimulates the acupuncture points in your palm improving chi flow and circulation similar to shiatsu massage.  The simple act of rotating the therapy balls exercises and stretches the joints and muscles in your fingers to your forearms.  It is not uncommon to see expert users rotating multiple balls, stacked balls, or heavy stone balls. You can imagine what controlling, balancing, and rotating 1 to 2 pounds in each hand can do for your strength and dexterity, but for most beginners, two balls from half to one pound combined is enough to get started. 

    Testimonials are easily found on the internet such as:

    "Been pretty rough on my body. These seem to help somewhat with the joint swelling in my hands."

    "I've got four pairs of them, varying sizes. They are a must for a musician's hands, imho"

    So what are you waiting for grab on those balls and start rotating them today!

  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)


    Hahahahaha ... you just have a very perverted mind ... or you have watched too much Japanese porn ...

  • Mari Vidste
    Mari Vidste wrote:

    A girl selling these at a market once showed me how to use them. As she rotated them in her hand, my friend (excellent chinese speaker) asked her if she's ever worked with non-rotatable balls. She didn't understand.

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