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  • Garina Y
    Garina Y wrote:
    New Year 第一天,newbility to you all! 又来了一geilivable的说词:who TAMA knows (这是我刚看的一转贴里面自创的)! 这广大老少爷们,尤其是外企界的,国企里面外事届的,还有海外移居界的,还有在中国的来自五湖四海的外国老少爷儿们,咱必须得走起来,给丫推广到全世界,愿在不久的将来,已不再是全世界人民都喜欢说:Wat the f...k! 而是来不来就整一个:who tama knows!
  • Coma
    Coma wrote:
    Word just reflection of the mind, and the way we put it mean to be adapting...
  • Coma
    Coma wrote:
    As the world changing, mind follows, then...

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