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    Webslave wrote:

    I m interested in buying a Kindle in China (Zhongguancun or Taobao). I hope you can give me some advice.

    I saw basically two versions, the latest smaller one (6" display) is K3 and the new bigger one (9") is DX or DXG.

    Both feature WiFi and 3G but the question is, does 3G really work in China?

    Also, they say they fixed the PDF problem of Kindle 3 with an update, but i guess that is not a native application right?

    DXG sounds really exciting with flipp-able display like iPhone and stuff but the size is not so handy.

    All i need is actually a pdf reader device that is convinient for me to read some ebook on the way (subway, taxi, in cafe or while waiting for something).

    hope to get some opinion from Kindle users.

    thanks a lot!

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