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  • Stephan
    Stephan wrote:

    Hello Everyone! I will be in Beijing on January 7th and I was hoping if anyone could give me some advice on what to do! This is going to be my first time going to China! I'll be going with a few of my friends from Canada, and we're just looking to relax, absorb the culture, and enjoy the city! We plan to visit the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, and go shopping! Most importantly, we want to eat amazing food! I'll be staying at the Shangri-la World Summit Wing so if anyone knows any cool restaurants, or places to grab a drink or relax near there, that would be great! Any advice will be very helpful! Also, we would like to see things that are unique to Beijing! I heard there are some great hot springs close to Beijing but there isn't much we've found online. How about Beijing opera? I'm very interested to see one of these but I don't know if it is suitable for someone with limited understanding of Chinese! What's the weather like in Beijing In January!? I'm used to cold weather here so it shouldn't be a problem... I just hope it's not TOO cold! Thanks in advance! Nice to meet you all!

  • Jenelyn Tambago

    I don't know about you, but I'm not used to the cold, I wouldn't its the temperature itself, its the humidity and the wind that doesn't stop hitting your face, so get a scarf.

    About the restaurants, there are millions of them, and they are all Cheap (except the foreign cuisine.) I would recommend you to start with not so spicy stuff, (Sichuan food is more mild). Dishes I've heard all foreigners like that doesn't involve animals inside or fat meat (just as it sounds is meat with chunks of fat on it):
    - Gong Bao Ji Ding (spicy chicken with nuts)
    - tang cu li ji (sweet/sour fried pork)
    - Huo Guo (hot pot) / everyone loves this and you play safe since you decide what and what not to put in the f pot.

    Beijing Opera sounds awful to me (PERSONAL OPINION), I've been here 3 times and not planning to go anytime soon. Get a video on youtube or something and suffer alone, then decide to spend your money in something u will hate. Very colorful tho xD. You should totally visit the opera house during night tho. Looks amazing.

    There are a lot of people than can help you more than I do, but since no one replied I'm just giving you my opinion. (Probably it sucks anyway)

  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)


    Hahahaha ... Pablo ... to recap, get a map, or if your Blackberry can run Beijing GPS, use that, have some cash with you, go out, and explore ... and if an old lady happened to push in line, let her ...

    Stephan ... Happy Boxing Day!

    For where you are staying, you are fairly close to San Li Tun, where there are lots of pubs and, well, more pubs (I only go there during daytime, when pubs are sleeping)? A lot of foreigners hang out there, so you might want to keep that in mind ...

    As far as food is concerned, since you have not indicated your particular preference (vegetarian? allergy etc), it is difficult to narrow it down for you, though I dont recommend the Wang Fu Jing Snack Street, as it has become too "touristy" and had lost its originality ...

    As far as "spring" is concerned, ones I know are Xiao Tang Shan and Jiu Hua Shan Zhuang, but there might be more ... Jiu Hua is more like a resort, and I have been there once on company business, so I did not get to enjoy the spa and springs, but I did a quick tour around the hotel, and it seemed OK to me ...

    I agree with Pablo about BJ opera being colorful, I myself grew up in HK, listening to Cantonese opera on TV everyday, so although I dont understand the BJ one, I am OK with it ...

    By the way, if you (and your friends) are used to or expecting clean, no cellphone, non smoking opera theatre, you might want to note that most people talk very loud on their phones (including cinemas) and tend to throw rubbish on the floor (accidental or otherwise), and most places in BJ dont adhere very well to the smoking Vs non smoking rule, including restaurants and toilets (in modern shopping centres, as well as in the back alley) ...

    Generally, just be prepared for the cultural shock ...

    By the way, I came from Australia :)

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