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    We shouldn't make fun of the folks who wrote these signs for having bad English skills.  It's not their fault.  If a bunch of Americans tried to make Chinese signs in Boston they would make equally ridiculous mistakes.

    The real issue is the bosses of these sign-making operations -- the business owners and the local governments -- who clearly just do not give a fuck about the quality of what they are doing.  Like Qiqi said, there are plenty of people in all the cities in China who can check the grammar and vocab of these signs, if the leaders were willing to put in the slightest effort.  But they are not willing, because they just don't care very much about doing a good job.  It's frustrating.

  • Simen Wangberg

    There have been a lot of pretty good articles written about how Chinglish is something of a cultural keepsake - I agree completely. It's a pretty good way of demonstrating differences between cultures, if you can piece together both languages and figure out where the slip-ups occur. Plus they're just hilarious sometimes.

    Here's one for our Chinese friends - so yeah, there are tons of English-language websites/books/etc that show us the marvels of Chinglish.

    Is there a Chinese equivalent? Like, is there a website or a book that shows examples of foreigners (poorly) translating Chinese, with hilarious results? Not that I would necessarily have the ability to appreciate how funny it is, but I just wonder.

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