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  • 琪琪
    琪琪 wrote:

    Here I got a piece of news not as horney as the "female teacher raping schoolboy", but more horrible than that:

    In China it is reported recently that a female teacher used the "iron" to punish 7 kids in a private kindergarden somewhere in Jiangsu province.

    All 7 kids have suffered burnt injuries from the steaming iron - on their faces!! It is confirmed that the teacher has been working in that kinder for 10 years, god knows how many kids have been punished by her in her way!

    The result? The teacher was fired by the kinder, and so far that's all happened to her. As to the hurted kids, well, I guess nothing can erase the nightmare in their little heads, regardless the possible financial compansations.

  • Minger
    Minger wrote:

    This is horrible, but less horible than the teacher who threw the student out a window, or the teacher who beat the student to death. I think those two were probably fired too.

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