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    Beijing Coolbook-online Culture & Media Co., Ltd., Oversea test center Seeking excellent writer Beijing Coolbook-online Culture & Media Co., Ltd.,which is a professional publishing company ,focuses on education book planning and publication. Our company has published more than a hundred kinds of books on English study in all and established extensive cooperation relationship with Foreign Languages Press, Higher Education Press,Renmin University Press and many other famous presses since 2005. Our company has established Overseas Test Center which pays more attention to selecting test questions for IELTS ,TOFFLE ,GRE,SAT and any other tests for studying abroad and planing for the publication of collections of those test questions. We are now seeking excellent writers to work for us and we will provide you with help from professional editors with rich experience in adapting the market, and we will provide you with very attractive pays. Our company has established Overseas Test Center which is dedicated to subject selection, development, planning and publication of books for going abroad test such as IELTS ,TOFFLE ,GRE,SAT, etc. We are now hunting for excellent author, and we will pay you back with our market perspective, professional edition and attractive remuneration for your excellent article. Qualities Required: Good writing skill in English and Chinese Interested in witing/editing books Rich Overseas studying experience required Experienced in teaching IELTS ,TOFFEL or other related courses Experienced in foreign test system Having creative ideas on book publication is a plus If you are interested in our work, please contact :coolbookonline@gmail.com For good works, our copyright royalty on books is 10% to 13% and payment for per thousand words varies from 40 to 150 yuan /1000words. Application from authors are welcome and all letters will be processed carefully and replied. Looking forward to working with you excellent writers.

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