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  • 显显
    显显 wrote:
    我这里有个人搜集来的电子书800余册。其中包括主要由牛津和剑桥出的475册英文电子书和商务出版社375本中文电子书,中文包括哲学153、历史地理91、经济109、政治法律社会117、语言学5,等几个类别。 需要看目录的我的相册“电子书目录”里面寻找需要的书。图片如果看不清需要下载照片后在电脑里放大即可。然后电子邮件告诉我。10兆以内邮件发送超过10兆可能采用QQ传送。 为了建立一个良性的让更多人获益的电子书库,这是我的目标,获得一个电子书希望您也捐献一本或者更多的电子书。如果您没有电子书,也可以通过分享一个真实的故事或者真实的梦的方式获得。 联系人:张显华 电子邮件:zxxxxxh@yahoo.com.cn
  • G
    G wrote:

    thanks mate

  • Webslave
    Webslave wrote:

    looks like you have a lot books dealing with philosophy. nice!

  • Webslave
    Webslave wrote:

    to make it easier for your lists, you could use dos commands to create lists of your documents.

    a) Take your file manager/explorer and navigate to the folder of your files. Click into the address bar, mark the whole address line and copy it to clipboard.

    b) Go to "acceleries" under your program menu of windows, click that black ico saying "C:\__".

    c) if your files are on another partition than C: then you have to change the partition, e.g. if your files are on D:, then simply type in "D:" and hit the [Enter] key.

    d) now the black window's last line says: D:\>

    type in "cd " and paste the address line you previously copied by clicking the left mouse button and choose "Paste" of the menu, after that you hit the [Enter] key.

    e) now you are in your fold of your files.

    type in: "dir *.* /o>> booklist.txt"

    this creats a textfile with a list of all files, just open booklist.txt with any text reader/editor e.g. word and copy paste the contend into this forum post.


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