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  • JZ
    JZ wrote:
    Next time put a phone into your pans' pocket think twice, enjoy ur balls while u can.
  • pommie
    pommie wrote:

    My phone's so old it's probably past the half-life.

  • pommie
    pommie wrote:

    Ball, JZ. Singular.

    I lost one during the Falklands Conflict.

  • Klisklass Kjærlighet

    Thats too bad, Now you need someone to blow it :)

  • Shane
    Shane wrote:

    I dunno... i have def. had muscle twitches before in my leg right where i usually keep my phone. Also sort of a similar feeling in my face.


    I know it may not be proven by science, but i usually try to keep my phone on my desk while working, or in my bag while i'm going around town.


  • Peter Baird
    Peter Baird wrote:

    A myth, huh? So I've been putting people on speaker phone and talking with the phone in my lap all this time for nothing? Damn. I was thinking sterility would be much cheaper than condoms in the long run....

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