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  • Cc
    Cc wrote:

    The first condition is if she has money

    2nd is if she is a good sex partner


  • Morten Eriksen
    i think lots of men are think so
  • Klisklass Kjærlighet

    It will be more appropriate, if you mean mature woman, Mature man will prefer the 2nd one mostly to the first.

  • Monica Jakobsen

    no offense but i think this topic is kinda pointless. unless you are the up mentioned conditions.

  • Cerdic
    Cerdic wrote:

    no offense as the above, while i was reading, I can't stop thinking that you are not the one with the mentioned conditions.

    n we want a good sex partner more than a rich woman, money can only make the thing better. it's not necessary to hv $ if u r a good sex partner :)

  • Minger
    Minger wrote:

    Does good looks trump being good in bed? I'm pretty sure it does.

    Does being available in bed trump good looks (when mutually exclusive)?I'm pretty sure it does.

  • Xiao
    Xiao wrote:

    I think those 2 conditions you mentioned are more like the conditions under which a girl would care to love a guy here in China, and maybe all over the world nowadays.

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