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  • Amanda Wei
    Amanda Wei wrote:

    i just watched whole episodes of 'supernatural', 'big bang theory', 'vampire diary', 'Fringe', 'ghost whisper', 'walking dead' 'being human' and few more series.

    is there any other good TV series???? =DDDDD

  • Ejdnzlaj
    Ejdnzlaj wrote:

    The Wire

    The Sopranos

  • 申琪 Annie Shen

    4400 kyle xy nikita

  • Chun Chun
    Chun Chun wrote:

    Spartacus: Bland and Sand?

    You'll have to be patient with that show, quoting Lucy Lawless, "the show finds its groove in about episode 5"

  • Peter Baird
    Peter Baird wrote:


    The Sopranos

    The Wire

    Six Feet Under




    Curb Your Enthusiasm


  • Webslave
    Webslave wrote:

    I think "Lie to me" is a pretty nice one.

  • 随便叫兽
    随便叫兽 wrote:

    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

    Anime bonus round:
    Darker Than Black (just started it... great premise, but not impressed with the execution)

  • Chun Chun
    Chun Chun wrote:

    @Amanda Wei

    haha, there's a lot more than blood and sand... nudity (even male full frontal), sex scenes, violence, plots and scandals...

  • Trine Andrea Skari

    well.....Amanda Wei....i now couple of well and out standing TV series but they are related to medicine....

    House M.D

    Grey's Anatomy

    Miami Medical

    There are two other but these are not related to medicine....

    Aliens in America

    The O.C


  • Daniel
    Daniel wrote:

    Smallville gets good if you can put up with all the teen-angst and horrible dialogue.

    The IT Crowd is a good comedy show if you have geeky tendencies, but I'm not how funny it'd be to people not from the UK.

    I just started watching Glee on Funshion, which alternatives between making me want to hurt myself and being a guilty pleasure.

    I'd very much recommend The West Wing and The Sopranos. 

  • Anthony
    Anthony wrote:

    Breaking Bad

    Without questions an outstanding show - especially Aaron Paul's performance as Jessie



    Just gets more dark and interesting by the season - I predict by series will end with Don Draper moving to California to start his own agency with a tech client ala Chiat-Day / Lee Clow / Apple



    Entertaining - and a guilty pleasure. EVERY guy I know thinks he's Hank Mody played by David Duchovny of X Files fame. A Princeton grad that was pursuing a PhD at Yale when he caught the acting bug.


    The Wire

    Complex. I think the first 2 seasons are the best. Not a show for those with ADD (short attentions spans or 八0后)If so then Californication is for you.


    Alan Ball's Series 

    Deserves his own entry. Arguably the most creative TV writer alive today. The creator of Six Feet Under, True Blood who also wrote the Oscar winning film American Beauty.

    Six Feet Under (another way to say buried in a grave) was shot on location in Los Angeles. "The award winning show revolves around members of the Fisher family, who run their funeral home in Los Angeles, and their friends and lovers. Six Feet Under has frequently been described by critics as one of the greatest television series of all time as well as having one of the greatest series finales of all time."

    True Blood - Despite the subject matter - Vampires, it's entirely original and provocative: Scientists in Japan invent a synthetic form of blood called "True Blood". No longer having to rely on human blood to survive, vampires are able to integrate themselves into human society


    Honorable Mentions:


    Ugly Betty




  • Peter Baird
    Peter Baird wrote:

    Season finale of SFU was probably the single greatest TV show episode of the last 20 years. That final montage where you see everyone kick it as Claire drives out of California is soooo powerful. A reminder that we ALL wind up dead one day, but how we live is more important than how we die.

     Ditto your thoughts on The Wire, although personally I thought the second season was the weakest of the 5. Most definitely not for people with short attention spans or for that matter, people with limited English. Very, very complex stuff, but full of compelling plots and brilliantly realized characters.

  • Mya
    Mya wrote:
    Queer As Folk I just finished the first season last night. One of the best TV series i've watched. Couldnb't help myself crying when the last episode of the season 1, Brian is crying and recalling the memories of Justin. It's really touching.Even now i type this, my eyes are still moist.
  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)


    Hahahahaha ... "Lost Girls" ... too soft for porn, but too boarderline for TV ...

  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)


    Hahahahaha ... recently, we have been watching 金婚2 (also known as 金婚风雨情), which had given us a few good laughs, and also some insights into the lives of people in China during the 70's, 80's and even the 90's ...

  • Jenelyn Tambago

    House MD
    Big Bang Theory
    How I Met Your Mother
    The Event (just started it, seems cool)

  • Luke Ume
    Luke Ume wrote:

    Any original HBO series re: Oz, The Wire, Sopranos, Six Feet Under

    UK: Peep Show, IT Crowd, Black Books et all... 

  • Peter Baird
    Peter Baird wrote:

    Walking Dead is mentioned in the OP...great show. Another classic in horror/sci-fi genre was The X-Files.

  • Xiao
    Xiao wrote:

    Queer As Folk (U.S. version)

    Grey's Anatomy


    渴望 还珠格格什么的也还挺好的吧 我最喜欢容嬷嬷了

  • Da Chuan
    Da Chuan wrote:

    i just finished watching whole seasons of chuck .its good tv show .and white collar is also good

  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)


    Hahahaha ... if anyone likes "Lie To Me", then I recommend the Hong Kong version called 读心神探 ...

  • Peter Baird
    Peter Baird wrote:

    When it comes to "golden oldies" I'm a sucker for Dallas. Yes...I'm showing my age.

  • Ejdnzlaj
    Ejdnzlaj wrote:

    I just started watching Peep Show again. I think it's really British humour but I think it's possibly one of the best shows ever.

  • Tina
    Tina's猫 wrote:
  • Martin Svean
    Martin Svean wrote:

    south park, simpsons, xfiles, 24 hours. lie to me

  • Sally
    Sally wrote:

    lie to me

    how i met your mother

    the big bang theory


  • A豆腐
    A豆腐 wrote:
  • Ejdnzlaj
    Ejdnzlaj wrote:

    I've been pretty surprised by Game of Thrones. I usually hate fantasy, but it's been decent. The acting is a bit of a mixed bag though. Some of the preformances are stellar (Robert the King, The Imp) and others are the usual hammed up guff that stops me liking sci-fi and fantasy

  • Deanana
    Deanana wrote:

    Game of Thrones  +1

    though personally i enjoyed the books more

    Also i would recommend  Misfit

  • Ejdnzlaj
    Ejdnzlaj wrote:

    When it comes to The Wire I should point out that I am a native speaker (British) and I had to watch it with subtitles.

    Also, it's one of the best shows ever but it has one of the worst first episodes of any show ever. Way too much is introduced at once, you have no idea what's going on.

  • Stian Moe
    Stian Moe wrote:

    Brothers & Sisters, love the family and all it's drama LOL

  • Zoe Zhong
    Zoe Zhong wrote:

    Modern family~~

  • Zoe Zhong
    Zoe Zhong wrote:

    Do reality TV shows count?

    The voice

  • Iris
    Iris wrote:


  • Sab
    Sab wrote:


    EJ was the only user who mentioned it. Obviously people follow very known trends, like herd. Most of them admire the Wire .. which is enjoyable because of some characters - Omar is the best, but hey, that's a black gangs getto drug story... No wonder low class dirty mouth people love it. The producers found the "lowest common denominator". just again. Jerry Springfield show clone...

    I agree the Breaking Bad is funny and professionally made series, worth to watch.

    But Lie to me is boring, repeat the same thing.

    Sopranos?? OMG. If people would watch the Godfather and the Goodfellas or Carlito's way etc. that much of times as I did, they would not stand that cheap maffia story for a minutes... Wise guys don't watch those shit :)))

    Boardwalk Empire is very special. Made by HBO. A highly entertaining gengster story based on true history of Al Capone, Nucky Johnson, Arnold Rothstein, Jonny Torrio, Big Colossimo etc. All true characters. Perfect costumes, auntentic language and enteriours. The first episode was directed by the great Martin Scrosese and the following parts were produced by him. Let see how many other TV series has a quality of producer/director as Scorsese and then try to compare them.

  • Tina
    Tina's猫 wrote:

    i'm just wondering what happened to the walking dead

  • Daniel
    Daniel wrote:

    The Walking Dead, series 1 was a pilot series so the network could get an idea of how popular it would be. As far as I'm aware, season 2 is going to be longer (I'm sure there are more details around now: I checked months ago so this is old). 

    The graphic novels are also still coming out monthly, so if you want to find out more about the story but can't wait you can order/download them. There are a few differences though, and Terri (the wife) is just as annoying as the actress' portrayal of her. 

  • Saint - Spartacus

    Six Feet Under



    The visiter

    i love epidemic & zombie series

  • Tonje Dahl
    Tonje Dahl wrote:

    the wire .

    lost .


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