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    BEWARE OF HOPSON (合生国际) Apartments!!!

    Hesheng Guoji (合生国际) is located just north of Fuli Cheng and Shuangjing Bridge, just inside the south-east 3rd ring road.  We have lived here for two years, in 2 different units.  The apartments are new but they are TERRIBLE and management company (wuye) are AWFUL!  I’ve rented apartments in Beijing for 10 years and Hesheng Guoji is the WORST.

    The buildings were constructed with extremely cheap materials and fixtures and almost everything is or has broken.  Here’s just a partial list of 2010 repairs and inconveniences:

    1.Last spring a water pipe in our kitchen broke, water leaked continually into our neighbors' apartment.  It took wuye 3 months to fix the problem.  They tore up our kitchen to fix the pipe and we couldn’t cook or use water for a week.

    2.At least twice every month wuye shuts the water and/or electricity off for a half day in the entire building.  No water, no electricity, no elevator in a 24 story building!

    3.We had to harass wuye for 6 months before they would repair our ceiling that leaked.

    4.Pipes to the toilets in both bathrooms fell apart and exploded and water flooded the bathrooms. 

    5.We’ve had to replace our water meter 6 times.

    6.Our water heater has needed to be fixed 3 times.

    7.The faucet in our bathroom leaks.

    8.The roofs on all the buildings on the east side leaked and needed to be replaced.  Wuye worked 24/7 for two weeks to fix them.  We complained to wuye about the workers hammering at concrete at 3am but wuye didn't care.  I finally had to throw the workers (and their equipment) out myself.

    9.At night the guards sleep on the job and keep the gates unlocked so they don’t have to wake up and let people in.

    10.Last year Wuye made us pay 60rmb for electric access cards but our building's scanner hasn't worked for the last 8 months.  Wuye keeps telling us that they're going to fix it.

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