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  • Jimi
    Jimi wrote:

    My dear chinese friends.   I've watched many things change in Beijing over the past years and to see house prices be what they are today I have but only one thing to say.


    Refuse to buy anything in China until they make the price equal to its value.


    Of course you guys are stuck in this and cannot choose to buy elsewhere but maybe you are unaware of the prices in the USA. But i want to give you some insight to what the market is like in the states.

    follow this link:





    here you see the house is about 260,00 usd.

    thats cheaper than an apartment in Beijing.


    my friends, don't be ripped off and become a slave to the house.

    spend your money wisely on something more valued.


    like the space program :P

  • Da Fan
    Da Fan wrote:
    我早就说过,除非你的资产能直接全款搞定一套房,或者公积金加房租能养月供,一个20-30岁的年轻人,主动放弃自己人生中最好的年代的享受机会和自我发展机会,在这么一个中产阶级没人管的国家,选择去背几十万上百万人民币的债,怎么看都是一件二B得不能再二B的事情。我不反对买房,甚至不反对人们在帝都这么一个房产价格扭曲的地方买房,我只是觉得,有钱买房的人才应该买房,没钱买房的人干嘛要买? 你今天的抉择很可能产生如下效果:1,父母多年的积蓄一瞬间化为乌有;2,你人生最美好的,同等消费金额给你带来的享受效率最高的10年,将在不安和拮据中度过;3,你失去了很多开拓眼界,自我发展成长的机会,你的人生总收入可能会缩水N倍;4,你的性格会因长期地习惯性的谨小慎微而变得扭曲和不安;5,你直接或间接资助了你每天都会辱骂的现象:社会的不公和变相剥削,以及一系列腐败;6,你直接抑制了天朝GDP构成由固定资产投资到消费的转化,降低了货币的流动性,助长了泡沫经济;7,某种意义上助长了当代女青年的一些不符合基本经济学原理的不健康思想;8,后面还有9、10、11... 下面看看你得到了什么:1,一间远离帝都闹市的很小的房子的70年使用权;2,在一些比你眼界还低的同僚面前的“面子”;3,所谓“归属感”;4,和一个由脑子更不清楚的父母养大的脑子不太清楚的姑娘的恋爱甚至婚姻。 我真的很好奇,为什么,帝都那些可怜的小伙子和小姑娘们,一个月拿他妈不到5000块不断贬值的人民币,放着美好的生活/大把的学习提升机会/夸张的租售比而不顾,非要选择自己恶心自己。你说你连银行如何折现算出你的月供金额都不知道,却要成天考虑是吃20块钱的吉野家还是5块钱的牛肉面,这不纯粹搞笑嘛... ps.再次强调,我没有反对买房这件事情,也没有否定年轻人,不论是男是女,希望从房子上找到安全感的心态。我只是想说,悠着点儿,量力而行,你也舒服,你每天无比厌恶的社会也会更健康~
  • Yuki Inés
    Yuki Inés wrote:


  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)


    Hahahaha ...

    Astaroth "Refuse to buy anything in China until they make the price equal to its value" ...

    That's how I shop at Silk Street :)

  • Da Fan
    Da Fan wrote:
    yeah, sure, you cannot compare the prices between Beijing and places like...the middle of nowhere? better compare it with the prices in Manhattan. I'm quite sure the prices in Manhattan is much higher, what we need to do next is to take average household annual income into consideration -- to be more accurate, I mean, "middle class" average householde annual income.
  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)


    Hahahahaha ... Astaroth ... if I could make a suggestion ...

    I think I can understand, and even agree with, what you have said ... e.g. though we dont like the idea of paying rent to "subsidise" someone else's mortgage, we decided that it is not rational for us to buy any property in Beijing (we chose to live with the ongoing "selling pitch" from my wife's side of the family) ...

    However ... with what you have said here, I think the old saying is comparing apples with oranges?

    Another point ... you are telling the folks here about Chicago, which most of us have probably never been, and most of us will probably never go (I know I wont, far more likely to visit friends in AL or NY) ... so by "telling" us how cheap it is to buy a suburban house over there is like telling people (esp kids) in rural China how nice it is to have high tea in Regent or Peninsula ... heehee, perhaps a bad comparison?

    Again, I am all "for" with your complaints about Beijing and China, but maybe you could make your argument more "local"? I mean, maybe if you could compare Beijing against some second or even third-tier cities in China, then the "argument" might seem more sound?


  • 哎呀
    哎呀 wrote:

    I like buying houses in China. It's the quickest way to amass your wealth in recent years. 

    Anyway, I'm shallow. You guys have much bigger ideal than me, like space program.

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