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    Chinese In Beijing wrote:

    We will be happy to help you in developing and improving your language skills, will offer a program of studies and convenient schedule. Our consultants will
    accompany you throughout the entire period of training, and professional
    teachers organize the learning process the most useful and effective.

    We offer a Chinese courses with Various Degree of intensity, HSK exam
    preparation and Business Chinese. We also have special Junior program (for kids 7 - 16 years old) and Day care center. Cultural classes of calligraphy, Chinese painting and tea ceremony will help you know more about Chinese culture. Each course taught by Native Chinese Speakers with Chinese teaching certificate.

    Just opened a new office in Beijing at the Dongzhimen Yufei Dasha. Modern
    design educational center, free Internet access, mini-bar with a large
    assortment of drinks (juice, water, milk), yogurt, cookies will stay with us
    comfortable and enjoyable.

    We offer:
    1) Chinese Courses (1on1 tutoring or group classes at most 6 students):
                        Intensive Course (30 lessons per week)
                        Standard Course (20 lessons per week)
                        Shorter Course (15 lessons per week)
    2) HSK exam preparation
    3) Business Chinese
    4) Evening courses
    5) Chinese Courses for Juniors (from 7 to 16 years)
    6) Day care center ("Teremok")
    7) Summer/ winter Camp for Kids & Teens
    8) Cultural classes (calligraphy, Chinese painting, tea ceremony, music


    Contact 13426413192, Nathalie

    Always happy to meet you!!

  • Lise Eilertsen

    hahahha...lets call Natalie!!!;)

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