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  • Svetlana Evmenova
    Svetlana Evmenova wrote:

    The first my shock in China was on the market! That you can haggle with a seller!  =)   and first two month it was so difficult for me, even I can speak in Chinese at that time! But now I love it so much!!!  It’s so funny and really nice way to practice my Chinese! =)

    Do you like haggle with Chinese people? Do you know any special ways how to do this? =)

  • DextDee Livingstone

    i am not a sexist or anything but here is the reason, sean, u are a male, Svetlana is a female, they have mroe things to make them win at a haggle than guys would. unless u have some heavy guy mojo!

    my 2 take

  • Oda sofie Arntzen
  • Inga Ginger

    i don't like, but i do haggle=) the only way here for laowai not to go bunkrupt!!

    sometimes i enjoy when i manage to get smth twice as cheap =) but on the whole..the process..nah..dont really my cup of tea..

    and yes! i agree that it is easier for girls to do it)

  • Susan
    Susan wrote:

    I hate to haggle with sellers whose stuffs are ususally highly priced. You would never win. And waste of time.

    Like to go to  super market where you need not worry about unreasonable price.

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