• Vincent AKA 文森特
    Vincent AKA 文森特 wrote:

    AL Jazeera published information that was leaked from the Pentagon by somebody to somebody, about 400 000 documents that detail atrocities perpetrated by the European forces during the war in Iraq. These revelations make for depressing reading.

    In wars normally the supreme victim is the truth and in the words of legal expert Jonathan Goldberg, during the war all laws are silent. 

    For many of us who are products of the British and American academic institutions and to an extent political systems, we would want to believe even amidst doubts, that even though they may have made mistakes, what the Americans did must have been based on honourable motives. But this time around it seems very difficult to rationalise any of the atrocities if the revelations have basis in truth. 

    What was even more disheartening is the revelation that the American troops were under strict instructions not to investigate atrocities committed by the Iraqi security forces. 

  • Erik Aleksander Aas

    Hostilities between Americans and the Arab world have been around for the longest time and they would ebb and flow depending on the global political climate also influenced by the policies of the American administration at the point in time. It is also argued that these tensions would at times depend on American interests in the Middle East as a sub-region or American interests in a particular country in the Arab world. One would have wished to see global hostilities subside after the end of the cold war or with the advent of the Barack Obama administration in the United States of America. 
    At the time the world was beaming with hope that this time around, a descendent of Africa who is expected to be closer to the Arab world by association, would go a long way to stem the tide. 
    Little did we anticipate then that in fact Barack Obama was elected President of the United States of America, which United States was already then at war with Iraq and President Obama had to inherit the policies, projects and programmes of that country? 
    So many years after President Obama was inaugurated, the world is not a safer place to live in. 
    Not because Obama is necessarily bad, but because the Obama administration had to inherit the policies and programmes of the American regime. Hence reports on Afghanistan, Guantanamo Bay and reports on Iraq. 

  • Erik Aleksander Aas

    All these can be condensed in the words of one African American musical guru, Quincy Jones, who once composed a love song that opened like this: I have done my best but I guess my best was not good enough....here we are back where we were before...we are back to being strangers...
    John Updike once said that: The world itself is stolen goods...all property is theft and those who have stolen most of it make the laws for the rest of us.
    I do not know what we can say about wars, about civilians who get killed in cold blood at checkpoints, at roadblocks. 
    At all these places where women and children ought to feel safer during a war, because there are police and or security personnel clearing the area of people who purportedly have dishonourable motives. 
    Jonathan Goldberg is right: during war all laws are silent.
    The war in Iraq seems set to last long, given the fact that, after such a long time since the last elections in Iraq there is still no government in that country. We have no way out yet.

  • 随便叫兽
    随便叫兽 wrote:

    I'm unfazed. I was against the war before it was cool. My political activism is now limited to repeating "I fucking told you so" ad nauseam.

  • Ellinor Lauritzen

    i still dont know whats going on over there, and frankly im glad to be out of america, and living somewhere else for awhile so things like this dont matter as much any more, where you wont just walk down the street and always see some shit about the war this the war that.


    its a fucking war...shit happens

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